Unique Tools is a dynamically developing company specializing in producing the highest quality cutting tools. We design, manufacture and supply standard cutting tools and those specifically designed for the demanding projects of our customers.


Our work is a continuous development, based on the rich experience gained during many years of work at Zakłady Mechaniczne Kazimieruk sp. z o.o. sp.k. We decided to extract the Unique Tools brand. In this way we can support the production of the largest manufacturing companies in the field of cutting tools.


The most important element of our company are highly qualified and committed to the development specialists. For our engineers it has become a passion to strive for perfection, so our customers are entrusting us with new and more challenging tasks. Their professionalism and experience make that Unique Tools is a unique company and a great business partner.


We are characterized by the highest quality and the highest level of technology thanks to advanced machine park.


From our history

The beginnings of the company Mechanical Plant Kazimieruk sp. z o.o. sp.k. date back to 1958. Our company has a stable market position. The steady growth of employment in our company is connected with the development of our business.
We are an experienced plant employing qualified personnel knowing foreign languages and familiar with special programs necessary to work in this sector.

What matters for us?


We are constantly raising the crossbar exceeding the borders. The best things DO NOT happen by accident.


We have cutting-edge technologies of machining and high quality measurement devices.


Our hallmarks are reliability and precision. We guarantee our customers high quality service.


Ready made - solutions? It's not for us! Our potential is mainly created by people.